The project visual style defined

Andrei Ustinov: Our task has been to find an image that will serve as a screen saver for the site, the Facebook page, the playbill and printed matter. It wasn’t expected to repeat the production image and be a direct embodiment of its artistic message: it’s quite easy to correspond and dialogize with the production. We have come to the image of an ocean crossed by a red line-thread-string. It isn’t because an ocean liner is one of the locations. Much more important is that the story develops in a kind of planetary space common to all mankind, in the space of eternity whose symbol is the ocean. This powerful, disturbed element seems to be above the whole world, and human life is just a tiny grain of sand in a storm of passion against this background.

After the presentation on February 1 where the sketches of sets and costumes were shown Thaddeus Strassberger has joined the process of developing a production visual style.